Web Module 3.1 Released

Modula4 announced today the release of Web Module 3.1, a significant update to the most popular third-party Web interface for the Canto Cumulus platform.

“The Web Module has always offered a fast and flexible Web interface alternative for Canto Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CEO Jon Hornstein. “But this new release offers unprecedented image search and preview power that has never before been available for Cumulus.”

In addition to improvements in design and performance, new file sharing links offer easy access to any file or group of files, and watermarking and other image processing instructions are supported. Administration is also made easier with the main settings now all accessible in a single window.

Web Module is now available bundled with ZoomA from Aimtec. ZoomA allows users to zoom-in on images and documents to see fine details without having to load the entire file. Only the part of the file being viewed is loaded. In this way, even extremely large files are quickly and conveniently accessed over the Web.

ImageSearch lets you quickly find and browse similar images.

Web Module is also available bundled with ImageSearch, a new product from Modula4 that allows users to find similar images based on visual content. Visual searching dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to find the right image. Keywords and other metadata can be used to refine the visual searches to further speed-up the process of finding the right image.

“The Web Module architecture enables us to combine technologies like the ZoomA preview add-on from Aimtec, and our own ImageSearch, to provide entirely new capabilities for Web-based Cumulus users,” said Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner. “Under the hood, we’ve revamped the core code for an even better user experience, and greater compatibility with current and future versions of Cumulus.

You can view a video that demonstrates Web Module 3.1 with ZoomA and ImageSearch here.

Web Module and ImageSearch are part of a suite of products developed by Modula4 that add new features and enhancements to Canto Cumulus. Other products from Modula4 provide streaming video previews, e-commerce capabilities, advanced image processing and more. Modula4 is a Canto Certified (Platinum) Partner.

Web Module 3.1 is available now with special ZoomA and ImageSearch bundle pricing. ZoomA and ImageSearch are available separately to current customers of Web Module who upgrade to Web Module 3.1. For ordering information contact us.