Image-Based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus

Image-based Searching and Sorting in Cumulus

View this webinar to learn how to find images in Cumulus more quickly and easily.
In this webinar Modula4 demonstrates ImageSorter and Image Search, add-on products for Canto Cumulus that let you find images based on visual content such as color, brightness, saturation and shapes. ZoomA, the fastest way to enlarge images in Cumulus will also be featured.


Viewing Notes: For the best viewing experience, once the video starts playing switch to “full screen” mode by clicking on the right-most icon in the player window.

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“After Modula4 helped us to implement Cumulus to manage our digital assets, I don’t know how we survived before. I truely can’t see how any design group can function without a digital asset management system.”

Richard Williams, Jafra Cosmetics International