It’s Time to Replace Cumulus

We can help you with Cumulus replacement, support, and migration.

Canto’s support for Cumulus stops at the end of the year. Modula4 offer a variety and products and services that make managing the end of Cumulus as smart and efficient as possible.

Replace Cumulus

Modula4 is recommending NetX as the best replacement for most Cumulus users. It’s full featured, offering all the flexibility of Cumulus and more. NetX is available on-premise or as a cloud (SaaS) service. Some of the worlds most valuable brands and most innovative organizations rely on it. NetX represents a powerful upgrade and replacement for Cumulus.

Modula4 helps you with every aspect of migrating from Cumulus to NetX. Our deep knowledge of both systems lets you migrate from Cumulus to NetX as easily and quickly as possible. We’ve developed a “Cumulus2NetX” program that includes a tool and process that automates and simplifies important aspects of the migration.

We worked with NetX to develop special discounts for Canto Cumulus users. This makes migrating to NetX a more cost-effective choice for owners of Cumulus than other DAM systems.

Continue Cumulus Support

Canto’s support for Cumulus stops at the end of the year. Modula4 offers on-going Cumulus support through next year, giving you more time to find a replacement.

Get Help Migrating from Cumulus

Already found a Cumulus replacement? We can help you get your data out. The built-in export function in Cumulus is designed only to move data from one Cumulus system to another. It can’t be used to import data into other system without an enormous amount of work done by skilled technical staff. By getting our Cumulus Exporter tool or using our services, you’ll quickly get clean exports in standard formats that are easy to import into other systems.

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