Managing Cumulus End of Life

We can help you with Cumulus support, migration, and replacement.

Canto’s support for Cumulus has ended. Modula4 offers a variety of services and products to make managing the end of Cumulus as quick and painless as possible.

Receive On-Going Cumulus Support

Many organizations continue using Cumulus. They haven’t selected a replacement, the buying process takes longer than planned, or for a variety of other reasons. Modula4 provides on-going Cumulus support through next year. This gives you more time to find a replacement. We provide expert help that keeps your Cumulus system operating until you replace it.

Get Help Migrating from Cumulus

Already found a Cumulus replacement? We can help you get your data out. Cumulus’s built-in export function is only intended for moving data from one Cumulus system to another. It can’t be used to import data into other system. With our Cumulus Exporter tool or using our services, you’ll quickly get clean exports in standard formats that are easily imported into other systems.

Find a Cumulus Replacement

Still looking for a Cumulus replacement? While all DAM systems are similar on the surface, there are significant differences in features, usability, integrations, and deployment options. With our deep knowledge of Cumulus we can quickly assess how you use it, as well as new things you’d like your DAM to do.  Then we help you find the best replacement to meet your current and evolving needs.

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