Sandbox Studio

Sandbox Studio Creates Customized Web Portals For Clients Using Modula4’s Multisite

Client: Sandbox Studio
Featured Products: Modula4’s Web Module with Multisite, Canto Cumulus

Sandbox Studio is a full-service photography and production studio with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They produce world-class visual content for an enviable list of clients, including Michael Kors, The North Face, and Calvin Klein.

As a full-service photography studio, once Sandbox Studio takes photographs of their clients’ products, an entire new phase of work begins. The images then need to be made available to their clients and their clients’ partners for review and for use on websites, in ads and other promotional material. Each client requires a customized web portal to access their files from a number of worldwide locations, and their photos to be tagged with important information such as product name, SKU number and region.

To support this, Sandbox needed a system that allows their team to ingest and tag the images in bulk, manage permissions, and provide collaboration tools.


Sandbox Case Study


Modula4 provided Sandbox Studios with a system that allows them to manage the images that they create, and deliver them to their clients through a custom-branded web portal. Using Modula4’s Web Module, Sandbox Studio can quickly upload and review their files, tagging them with information both at the time of ingest and anytime afterwards. Then, using Multisite, an add-on to Web Module, Sandbox is able to offer a separate branded portal for each client, accessible via a distinct URL. Their clients use the site to review the images created by Sandbox and makes them available to their staff and partners for a variety of uses. Powerful permissions settings ensure that each user only has access to the images they need, and are allowed to only do specific tasks, (i.e. view, share, download) with those images. that can be enabled or disabled based on their customers’ needs. The back-end is powered by Canto Cumulus, a powerful database for managing images and other digital assets.


“I have not found another product on the market that can offer the type of features and flexibility that I get with Modula4’s web module. Our company now has the ability to customize the look and feel of each site that we host as well as offer differing functionality based on our clients’ needs. In addition, the team at Modula4 has been very easy to work with and extremely responsive to all of our requests.”

— Heather Gulyash, Digital Asset Manager at Sandbox Studios


Sandbox Studio can now manage their images internally, and then make them available to their clients quickly and easily. Using Web Module with Multisite, Sandbox Studio is able to provide their clients not only with world-class images, but through custom-branded portals which can then be shared with staff and partners worldwide. This creates a positive client experience and helps set Sandbox Studio apart from other agencies, delivering on the promise of being a premier, full-service photography and production studio.

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