The new content-focused design of Picturepark 8.4 provides users with an entirely new way to approach the management of digital assets. Join Modula4 for this 30-minute demo in which we’ll showcase some of what’s new in Picturepark 8.4, and explain how content-focused DAM can be used to:

* Use more meaningful metadata that’s easier to understand
* Find and manage files based on their content
* Leverage multiple easy-to-edit taxonomies and controlled vocabularies, and more

Don’t miss this chance to see how content-focused DAM makes it easier to tag, find and use your digital assets.

Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now here.

„Vielen Dank für das Training, das sie uns während der letzten zwei Tage gegeben haben. Ich weiß ihre Bereitschaft zu schätzen, die Präsentation auf unsere Bedürfnisse zuzuschneiden. Wir werden sie wieder um Unterstützung bitten.“

Christa V. Marks, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California