Video Module

Powerful video handling within your DAM

Most DAM systems allows you to ingest high-resolution video files, but typically lacks features that support handling these large files in a way that is most useful to users and administrators. Video Module provides features that make the viewing, transcoding, downloading and commenting of videos easier and with more flexibility.



Streaming Previews
When you ingest a large video file into most DAM systems users must download the entire file in order to preview it. This might work well enough on a local network but high-resolution video files are much too large to download over the Internet just to be able to view the file.

The Video Module solves this problem by creating a new version of the video specifically for steaming. This means that users can quickly see the contents of the video without having to download the entire file, saving time and bandwidth.

Download in Different Formats
New in Video Module 2.0, you can make your videos available for download in a variety of formats. Just select from a wide range of available formats and all videos ingested will be made available for download in the formats you choose. The videos are transcoded at the time of ingest so users don’t need to wait at the time of download. And of course you can control access to the video download through permissions in you DAM.

Video Module allows user to add comments to videos as they play. And the comments are searchable, so specific sections of the video can be found by searching on the comments. Uses include highlighting parts of the video that are of interest, noting which parts of a video were used in specific projects and adding feedback and instructions during the creative process.

You can see an the Video Module in action on the DAM4 Platform demo site. 

Video Module is included with the DAM4 Platform, and as an add-on to Web Module when purchased separately.

Contact us to learn more about how Video Module can help you more effectively manage and distribute videos.

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