DAM4 Platform

The most useful DAM features all in one system

The DAM4 Platform starts with Cumulus, the market-leading digital asset management (DAM) system. Then we’ve added features only available from Modula4 . A single, easy to use interface for all users, new search options, advanced video handling and more. (All DAM4 Platform feature can be added as options to existing Cumulus licenses.)



The DAM4 Platform is available as a complete cloud service, for deployment on your own servers, or as a hybrid solution. Expert services and support ensures it will always meet your needs.


Only the DAM4 Platform offers all of the following features:

Web Module

Web Module is the most versatile DAM interface available. End-user can search, browse, collect, share and download assets, depending on the access you choose to offer. Web Module also supports read-write users, allowing asset ingest, metadata editing, duplicate searching and more.  Learn more.

Video Module

Video Module provides important video handling features. Offer streaming previews and downloads in multiple formats, plus the ability to add searchable comments that match what the video is displaying. Learn more.


ImageSearch uses visual searching to make finding duplicate and similar images fast and easy. Learn more.

AI Auto-Tagging

Use Artificial Intelligence to make tagging images faster & easier. Learn more.


ZoomA let you zoom-in to see the fine detail in your images quickly and easily. Learn more.


Multisite allows you to easily provide access to your DAM system to each group with an interface created especially for them. Learn more.

Reporting & Analysis

Lets you track user behavior and asset activity; generates detailed customized reports. Learn more.

Watermark Manager

Flexible, configurable permissions-based watermarking of thumbnails and previews. Learn more.

S3 Connector

Use Amazon’s S3 cloud storage solution to download assets faster, everywhere in the world. Learn more.

ImageMagick Asset Processor

Automate the way images are edited and converted, even vector graphics. Learn more.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

Make accessing the DAM4 Platform seamless with simple and secure authentication. Learn more.


Contact us to learn more about the DAM4 Platform and to schedule a personal demo.

“After Modula4 helped us to implement Cumulus to manage our digital assets, I don’t know how we survived before. I truely can’t see how any design group can function without a digital asset management system.”

Richard Williams, Jafra Cosmetics International