Web Module

Intuitive, full-featured DAM interface for all users

Web Module from Modula4 is simply the most flexible DAM interface available. It’s the one interface you can use as both an intuitive self-service portal and a full-featured read-write client.




Features & Benefits:

  • Everyone can use the same interface, from self-service portal users to power users
  • Clean, intuitive design, no training required
  • Lightening fast search, browse, collect, download, share
  • Drag & drop ingest
  • Edit and delete, singly or in bulk
  • Full check-in/check-out support with version management
  • Advanced collections management and sharing
  • Send upload links to external users, with specific permissions for viewing & editing
  • Manage & edit the category tree
  • Designed to be easily customizable

Web Module can be extended by adding additional features to provide streaming video previews, visual searching and high magnification zooming and more. (All included with the DAM4 Platform.) Use out-of-the-box or have Modula4 customize the look & feel to exactly match your branding, and even add specific features  and integrations your organization needs. Web Module is designed to be customizable, which means you don’t need to adapt to your DAM, it can adapt to you.

For multilingual support, Web Module includes language packages for English, Spanish, German and French. Other languages can be added as well.

You can try Web Module by visiting the DAM4 Platform demo site.

Contact us to learn more about Web Module and the DAM4 Platform.

Even after using Cumulus for years, you showed me new ways we can use it that should really improves our work flow and save an incredible amount of time.

Adam Hunter, LMN Architects