Quickly find similar and duplicate images

ImageSearch allows you to quickly search for images based on visual content. Visual searching considers color, brightness, shapes and other factors to dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to find duplicates and similars of selected images. Keywords and other metadata can be used to refine the visual searches to further speed-up the process of finding images that share visual characteristics.



New in ImageSearch 2.0 is the ability to set the sensitivity of the visual search. In this way you can control how closely you want the results to match the image you select. If set to “loose” you’ll see more result. When set to “tight” only true duplicates will appear in the search result. Or choose a setting in between to get the specific type and amount of results you need.

When used with the Cumulus rich client, you can also use more than one image as the basis of your search.



ImageSearch is included with the DAM4 Platform, and as an add-on to Web Module when purchased separately.

To find out how ImageSearch makes finding duplicates and similars fast and easy, check out the DAM4 Platform online demo.

“Thanks for installing Cumulus and training our crew. We are very excited about using this tool and it’s such an improvement over what we had before.”

Marnie Bell, Capital Health; Edmonton Canada