Modula4 is Gold Sponsor of Canto DAM Summit Americas

Modula4 is participating in the Canto DAM Summit Americas as a Gold Sponsor. The conference, which is being held in New York City May 9 & 10, is focused on delivering Cumulus customers and digital asset management experts insightful case study presentations and workshop discussions.

The Modula4 executive team of CEO Jon Hornstein and CTO Michael Gellner will be attending. At the event they will host a breakout session titled “Beyond Configuration: Custom Solution Success Stories.” In this session they will show how Cumulus can be tailored to address your organization’s exact needs and present examples of solutions Modula4 has created for their clients.

Attendees can schedule a time to meet with the Modula4 executive team using this form.

“I have not found another product on the market that can offer the type of features and flexibility that I get with Modula4’s web module.”

Heather Gulyash, Digital Asset Manager at Sandbox Studios